Dr. Alok Mishra

Dr. Alok K. Mishra (Post Doc-AIIMS, PhD-Mind Body Medicine, DY.Sc, Fellow APS, and USA) is the Chairman of Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India.Dr. Mishra has multi-dimensional Academic Background, amazed and impressive range of Qualification: Master's in Clinical Psychology; Master's in Philosophy (Philosophy of Mind);Master's in Law(UK); Sh.C-Statelessness Law(Uni. of Oxford); Ph.D. - Philosophy(Philosophy of Mind); Ph.D. - Psychology(Mind Body Medicine); and completed Post-Doctoral Research in Psychosomatic Disorder at All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS Delhi). He is second Indian Recipient of International Cousins Centre Global Outreach Award by American Psychosomatic Society (March 2010 in Portland, USA).Under BBRFI he is working to explore the potential of the brain and trained the youth and Children, to recognize their potential through the advanced 4DBrain Analysis.He is also Regional secretary, Indian Academy of Health Psychology (IAHP).Research Interests: Brain Mapping, Psychosomatic Disorders (Health Psychology), Mind Body Medicine (Yoga), Personality, Positive Psychology, Law Psychology, Juvenile Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Dr. Alok Mishra also served as Judges Member in Special Court for Children (Juvenile Justice Board, Delhi Gate) from 2007 to 2010 and was there regular invitee member of Delhi High Court Juvenile Justice Monitoring Committee.Then for further studies Dr. Alok Mishra moved to UK,and did LL.M (International law and Criminology) and Sh.C (statelessness law) from University of Oxford. Also, he became the Chairman of United Nation Association (UNA-Youth Branch), Bangor, UK. After coming back to India in 2013, he established Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India with Former CBI Chief Late Sh. Joginder Singh and Former Joint Secretary, UGC, Dr. K.C Pathak. His Books "Child behind the Crime" and "Mind behind the Crime" are under Publication

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